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Our Mission and Future Vision
by Cynthia O'Donnell - ACAE Board Member

shifuSince early childhood Master Yun Xiang Tseng lived with and trained in the Taoist Arts under the tutelage of Grand Master Li of the Longmen branch of Daoism on Wudang Mountain in China. Grand Master LI tasked her disciple to establish a Daoist temple in the U.S. for the preservation of Daoism. In accordance with his mission, Master Chen established the Association for Chinese American Enrichment (ACAE) with a non- profit 501 c3 in 1996, with the mission to promote Wudang Taoist Traditions in the U.S. that preserve Taoist cultural and religious practices.

New Daoist Temple Organization in Colorado is Recognized as a 501(c)3 Church

PRESS RELEASE.  July 1, 2015

Estes Park, CO – Daoist Association USA, Inc. has been granted full recognition by the IRS and will now initiate full services and programs at its Estes Park, Colorado center. The practitioners, headed by Daoist Priest, Yun-Xiang Tseng, will offer educational programs to the general public as well as training priests and specialists in many related disciplines.

Daoist Association USA, now occupies the well-known Dao House (formerly Aspen Lodge), ten miles outside the city of Estes Park. While Dao House still offers full resort, spa and western-style vacations, there is also a training program in residence. Currently more than twenty people from around the United States are training as priests, many coming to stay for extended periods at the lodge.