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Meet the DaoUSA Board


Yun Xiang Tseng

Fan Zang


Master Wu Dang Chen is the President and founder of the Daoist Association, USA and President of Chi for Longevity. He is the deputy director of the Sanfeng Friendship Association, based in Wu Dang, and is the official U.S. representative of Wu Dang for the Wu Dang Taoist Association. Master Chen's mission is to build the first Wu Dang Taoist monastery in the U.S.


Dr. James Lemire


Dr. David B. Axelrod


Dr. David B. Axelrod has performed and taught at literally hundreds of venues in the US and internationally, including the United Nations, the American Library Association and is the founder/director of Creative Happiness Institute (CHI). He has given lectures and workshops globally on the healing power of writing and ways to focus chi toward greater creativity. Dr. Axelrod has studied Eastern culture and philosophy, Buddhism and Daoism since his teens.  

Justin Bio 2_23.png

Dr. Justin Fontanini DOM,AP 

Dr. Fontanini is a licensed acupuncture physician and certified herbalist. 

He began his training as a child learning from his father, and has continued studying the Chinese ancient arts in China, Taiwan and throughout the U.S.

Since 2014, studies with Shifu Chen include Qi Gong, Tai Chi and External Qi Healing certifications, Yi Jing consultant and Feng Shui practitioner. Justin incorporates these practices to help his patients live a more happy and balanced life. 

He loves teaching the Daoist arts when hosting workshops, conferences and retreats with his wife Claudia.  

Dr. Lemire is a Board-Certified American Board of Family Practice Certified Olympians Team Physician, American College of Sports Medicine; Chelation Therapy, American College for Advancement of Medicine;
International Oxidative Medicine Association; graduate of The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

 Dr Lemire is an Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) Certified Practitioner,

Medical Director / Founder: Connections Community Clinic for the Homeless and Indigent 2011.

He authored Ultimate Guide for Natural Health In The 21st Century, and co-authored Learn How the Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America Can Improve Your Health


Nuris Lemire MS,OTR/L,NC

Daoist name: Chong Guan, 15th Generation Wudang Sanfeng Pai, 26th Generation Longmen Pai. She is a Gui Yi initiated by Wudang Chen as a priest in training.

She has trained with Wudang Chen since 2003 in Qi GOng and Taiji, Alchemy, Immortality, Master Within, Wudang Daoist Lifestyle, External Qi Healing, Feng Shui & I-Ching and is a certified Taiji QiGong 18 instructor.  She is a community educator of Daoist Theory, Philosophy, Meditation, Nutrition, Medicinal Tea and Self Healing. She is also an I-Jing Practitioner.

Ariel Bio Pic 2_23.jpeg

Dr. Ariel Savitz MD

Daoist name: Chong Li- 15th generation Wu Dang Sanfeng Pai, 26th Generation Longmen Sect.  Ariel has trained with Wu Dang Chen since 2006 and is a certified Wu Dang Tai Chi / Qi Gong instructor.  

She is a board certified Physiatrist- Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Physician, who diagnoses the cause of pain to develop comprehensive treatment plans., and enjoys integrating acupuncture, Tai Chi / Qi Gong forms, western medicine and external qi healing. She adores spending time with her husband and three young children in Boston, MA.

_E8Q4183-AAA (1).jpg

Karen McDonald

Daoist name: Chong Xiu -15th Generation Wudang Sanfeng Pai, 26th Generation Longmen Sect. Karen has trained with Wudang Chen since 2008, and is a certified WuDang Tai Chi/Qi Gong instructor, Daoist practitioner and consultant in Yi Jing, Feng Shui, Numerology, External Qi Healing, wedding ceremonies, clearings & blessings for new homes and businesses.

Scott Bio 2_23 (1).jpeg

Scot Shaeffer

Daoist name: Chong Chen, 26th Generation Wu Dang Longmen Pai disciple. Scot discovered the magic of QiGong in 1996 and has trained with Shifu Chen since 2006 in QiGong, Dao Yin, Taiji, Internal Alchemy, External Qi Healing, Feng Shui and Yi Jing. Scot is a native of Colorado, avid outdoorsman and naturalist, growing up exploring mountains, rivers, and communing with nature. For 35 years he worked as a computer software engineer, small business owner and manager in the tech industry. Retired from formal engineering
work, Scot continues to study and share the Daoist sacred arts, along with working on simplicity and sustainability projects in the fields of green energy and biodynamic farming.

KristineM 2010-08-04 at 5.15.47 PM.jpg

Kristina Naldjian

Daoist name: Chong Tian, 15th Generation Wudang San Feng Disciple, 26th Generation Longmen Sect. Kristina is a native New Yorker and Pace University graduate, NYC. For two decades she worked in  corporate banking before she discovered the magic of the Dao 24 years ago. She embraces Daoism as a life philosophy and a guide to an active, productive, healthy and joyful life.

She is the CFO of Dao House and volunteers for non profits.


Cis Hager

Daoist name: Chong Xue (Snow),  26th Generation Longmen Pai disciple.

​Cis stepped onto the path of the Dao and began earnest studies in1985. 

Under Shifu Chen, she now integrates the Daoist sacred arts of Yi-Jing, Feng Shui, External Qi Healing along with Taiji, Qigong, Dao Yin into her teaching and individualized Daoist health coaching.  She is retired from the field of Raptor Biology and lives outside of Bozeman Montana. 

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