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Daoist Association USA (DaoUSA) is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Wu Dang Daoist traditions, culture and religion in the United States. This accomplished by classes, community outreach and online education.


It is our vision to grow the Daoist community in the United States and develop community outreach programs as well as get involved in continuing efforts with other organizations with similar goals for balance in our communities.

DaoUSA, through its virtual presence and the Tai He Temple, located at Dao House in Colorado, plans to construct a traditional 10 acre temple.


Life is a spiritual journey. The Dao, or Way,  is our path to spiritual enlightenment. Our practices teach us how to balance ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We strive to attain a state of Grand Harmony which returns us to our original and blissful origins.

Our practices are for anyone looking for spiritual development and to live a peaceful and tranquil life.


The core of Daoism is the Dao (the Way), which is beyond description. It is said that Dao is the origin of the universe, the basis of all existing things, the law governing their development and change. 

Daoists regard Dao and Virtue as the general principles of their beliefs and behavior. They should not only cultivate Dao but also accumulate Virtue. Therefore, both Dao and Virtue serve as the basis of the Daoist doctrines. Derived from the foundation of Dao and Virtue are a whole set of principles, including non-action (Wu Wei), non-attachment from emotions, non-struggle, and the pursuit of simplicity and truth as well as living.​


Healing Without Medicine is the Daoist concept that the mind, body and spirit in harmony have the power to heal itself through the use of Qi or "Life Force". The practitioner uses his/her spirit or mind intent to guide the qi through a series of breathing and movements in order to direct that qi to the areas of the body that need healing. The practitioner can also use his/her own qi to heal others. This is the practice of Qigong. 

This practice brings balance and harmony to the whole person so that healing can take place naturally without intervention of harmful chemicals which may produce further damage.

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