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The Daoist Association USA, Inc., known as DaoUSA, has as its mission the preservation and promotion of Daoist traditions, culture, and religion in the United States. Daoism is an irreplaceable treasure of humanity, and its survival is critical to the preservation of wellness and balance in the world. While the Wu Dang branch of Daoism is emphasized, DaoUSA curricula and accredited programs reflect all Taoist philosophy and lifestyles. DaoUSA sponsors conferences, trips and other educational events to promote Chinese and American cultural understanding

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About Wu Dang Chen

As a true son of the Dao, Master Chen's desire to share his great message of peace and hope, and his open affection for his students, have earned him a place as one of the most sought-after Tai Chi instructors in the west.

He is the deputy director of the Sanfeng Friendship Association, based in Wu Dang mountain, China, and is the official U.S. representative of Wu Dang for the Wu Dang Daoist Association. Master Chen's mission is to build the first Wu Dang Daoist monastery in the U.S.


At a very young age, Yun Xiang Tseng (Chen) was recognized and chosen by his master to learn the ancient wisdom of Wu Dang Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation and healing Arts. He is a 14th generation Wu Dang Zhang Sanfeng lineage holder and a 25th generation Long Men Daoist Priest.

Journey to the West

In 1990, Master Chen emigrated from the People's Republic of China to the United States at the behest of his master, Master Li. He now resides in Estes Park, Colorado, on the site of the future U.S. Wu Dang Daoist Temple. With his gift for making Daoist thought accessible, Master Chen has taught the Wu Dang tradition of Taoism to many thousands of students in America and many people in China. He is also a well-known Tai Chi Master with a large following in the United States.


As a Daoist teacher and Tai Chi instructor, Master Chen has been asked to share his teachings in many network television and newspaper interviews and in articles in national magazines. He has been involved with several documentaries which aired in the winter of 2006.

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